Friday, February 28, 2014

Best time to enjoy snow covered places in Uttarakhand

If you want to experience the fun of playing with the snowballs or descending on the slopes of the snow covered mountain on a sledge, then visit Uttarakhand, where snow laden mountains and valleys are waiting for the visitors. Kumaon region of this state has many such places to explore during winter.

It’s a pleasure to visit this region during the months of December to March. If you are travelling from Delhi then at around a distance of three to four hundred km places like Nainital, Ramgarh Kasauni and Mukteshwar are the best to enjoy your holidays in the explicit surroundings and natural beauty of the Himalayan ranges. Kumaon region is popular for its snow capped peaks, and streams rising from heights in the mountains and descending the slopes. Nainital is one such popular place which offers splendid views of tall mountain peaks, icy rivers and bulgy waterfalls jumping from great heights. This is the time to visit the most popular Nanda Devi temple and Hanumangarhi. Many exclusive activities like taking a ropeway to snow view point, circling the lake on a cycle, trekking, sailing and paragliding can be enjoyed here. Ride a boat in the beautiful Naini Lake to get some awesome views of the nearby snow capped mountains.

Snowfall in Uttarakhand

Snowfall in Nainital is observed in the months of January and February. Ramgarh a tiny hill station in this region is blessed by orchards and scenic views of the Himalayan ranges. Serenity of this place even inspired Rabindra Nath Tagore to establish ashrams in this region. Kasauni another marvel of the Himalayas has many things to share like beautiful tea estates, Vaidynath temple and Gwaldam. It is the right place for buying best quality tea, shawls, and locally manufactured goods. Mukteshwar is a beautiful destination located at a higher altitude visited for its ancient temple Mukteshwar Dham.
Like the incredible places nestled in the mountains and valleys of this region there are some popular hotels and resorts located at strategic locations, which will make your stay a pleasant experience. United-21 Nanda Devi resort at Bageshwar is one such place to stay comfortably in the serene surroundings and conveniently visit nearby attractions.