Thursday, March 13, 2014

Uniqueness of Uttarakhand Holi celebrations

Every year month of March arrives with a pack of many festivals and Holi one of the colorful festivals is the highlight of this month. India celebrates this feast with great pomp and fervor in its villages, cities and towns. Among the many festivals Holi is the colorful festival celebrated in most vibrant way. People of every age, many beliefs and different neighborhoods form a rainbow of different colors and get immersed in a most enjoying atmosphere during this festival. Apart from many mythological stories and beliefs, Holi is supposed to welcome arrival of spring, which is a season of joy. Even though the basic festival celebrations in India are the same Holi in Uttarakhand keeps a separate identity. Its uniqueness is observed in its three different types of Holi celebrations which are totally a bonanza of musical episodes.

Holi Celebration in Uttarakhand

The three types of Kumaoni Holi celebrations in Uttarakhand are Khadi Holi, Baithki Holi and Mahila Holi. Even though all three types are based on singing classical songs, still Baithki Holi and Mahila Holi are celebrated in the cities, while Khadi Holi is celebrated mostly in the rural areas where groups of people dance while singing holi songs. 

Traditional type of holi includes celebrations inside temples, while singing special songs and ragas. In khadi Holi celebrators are mostly dressed in white clothes. Songs recited in Baithki and Khadi Holi are related with fun making, spiritualism and melody. Baithki Holi starts from Basant Panchami and lasts till Dulhendi and in some areas it starts even earlier that is in the month of December. Khadi Holi normally starts little later than Baithki Holi. Celebrators are seen singing songs while dancing in groups locally known as Tolis on the background of ethnic music. 

Mahila Holi as the name suggests is celebrated by women folks singing songs expressing concern about their loved ones. Holika bonfire known as Cheer in this region is made fifteen days before Dulhendi and is known as Cheer bandhan. This cheer burnt on the night before holi is known as Cheer Dahan which symbolically represents the victory of prahlad over his father’s evil plans. This festival of color and dance brings happiness and joy to the lives of the celebrators.

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